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I’ve worked with React Native framework since 2016 up to now, and I do both backend and frontend websites that uses ReactJS/SvelteKit, PostgreSQL, Elysia, NodeJS, Redis. I don’t hesitate to dig into a problem, analyze it, and resolve it with a clear refinement. No one is perfect, but I listen to others in order to improve. I am full of positive energy to learn new things and improve my skills day by day. I have done remote work since 2018, and have no problem with distractions by using the Pomodoro Technique to manage the focus.

Skills & Proficiency




React Native



Javascript & TypeScript







Learning capability

Problem solving

Clean code

Task/issue refinement





Mar 2023 - now

As a freelancer, I start digging in SvelteKit and build some web app for my customer. I still develop React Native app and I also publish a native module for Expo/React Native project at Expo STT
I also use React Query for React Native project to enhance the cache and reduce the complexity of the code. In web app project, I use Redis to cache the user session, also to pub/sub event to sending email in background.
I use Github Action to deploy web app to Vercel cloud platform.

Software Engineer

Oct 2018 - Mar 2023

Joined Equilab as a React Native lead, I helped the team to develop new features such as Social Feed, Friend suggestions, Training Calendar (Premium), Training Histories, Training summaries, Training Weather (premium), High-level graph of gaits analysis, Chat, and countless improvement in React Native.
I also develop many native modules for Android (using Kotlin) and iOS (using Swift) to solve the problem of communicating between native and js side (the app initially build in native).

Team leader

Aug 2017 - Sep 2018

I start a new journey in the new position to develop mobile app use React Native. Then it go a bit further when I try my best to develop nodejs backend and lead a small team to develop e-commerce app for Thailand company.

IT Support

Sep 2013 - Aug 2017

I first manage local IT system of networking, CCTV, projectors for 2 branches of CGV in Quang Ninh then expand to other sites of CGV. During that time, i also develop website use CakePHP 3.x framework, and digging into React Native to develop mobile app.

Project Manager

Feb 2012 - May 2013

I lead a small team that have 2 dev and 1 tester to develop micro services for MobiFone, one of the three biggest Mobile Operators in Vietnam. I used Java Core at this time.


May 2011 - Jan 2012

It is a honor to be a part of FTLer to develop Wapsite, USSD and SMS services for MobiFone, one of the three biggest Mobile Operators in Vietnam. I used Java Core at this time.

Open source projects

I sometime improve or write some Open source project to help other devs and myself to understand deeper into code stuff. I can't prevent myself from learn the new thing.

Expo Speech To Text

Unofficial Speech To Text module for Expo and Bare React Native

React Native Search Box

A simple search box with animation, inspired from ios search bar for React Native. Lightweight, fast, flexible.

Google Recapcha V2

CakePHP 3.2+ Easy to integrate google recaptcha v2 to your project.

Advance Authenticate

Advance Authenticate for CakePHP 3.x to Prevent Brute Force Attack, Remember login

Baokim payment gateway

CakePHP 3.x BaoKim payment gateway plugin


Facebook Developer Circle Hanoi Meetup
Facebook Developer Circle Hanoi Meetup